A Bluebell Morning.

09th May 2018
The Bluebells are late coming out in our local woods. Last week there were hardly any showing, principally because of a cold and gloomy late April and when I visited a local woodland it was very disappointing. However, I thought that the sunny spell of weather over the bank holiday weekend must have brought them out. It only takes a few warm sunny days to encourage wildflowers to bloom.
I was out early again yesterday, full of hope on another spectacular morning, and I headed straight to the same Bluebell woodland. I was not disappointed, there had been a total transformation and the woodland floor was carpeted with a spectacular showing of flowers.
It really lifts your spirits, (not that my spirits need lifting on these glorious spring mornings), to see such a wonderful natural spectacle and I would recommend anybody to just go for a walk in one of these woods now and embrace the natural world.
I walked around the woods encountering superb vistas at every turn, what a glorious scene was laid out before me. I was stopping every fifty yards just to gaze in awe at the beauty of these simple little flowers.

A few images of the woods.