A visit to Dunraven Bay.

18th September 2017
Susan and I felt like a trip to the coast this week and Sunday was forecasted to be a nice day and indeed the weather forecast proved to be correct and we drove down to Dunraven Bay in South Glamorgan. This bay and beach is part of the ‘Glamorgan Heritage Coast’ and we enjoyed a lovely few hours walking on the cliffs in the fresh sea air. Dunraven bay is in a very picturesque setting indeed, and actually there are two bays one being an SSSI site which can only be reached down some steep steps and is therefore little visited. Both these bays have dramatic and vertiginous cliffs and the views are spectacular to say the least. We enjoyed a picnic lunch while taking in these dramatic views and it was a very pleasant and most enjoyable few hours.

Some of the views below;

All images taken with;
Canon ID Mk 2
Canon 17-40 f4 lens
Manfrotto 055 CX3 Tripod
Manfrotto MH XPRO Tilt and Pan head
Canon remote cable release
Hoya circular polarizing filter
Hitech Format system filter holder
Hitech 0.3 (1-Stop), soft edged ND Graduated filter.