Always look behind you!!

12th November 2017
I was out last week in the late afternoon at Llangors Lake in the Brecon Beacons hoping to see the Starling murmurations that have been taking place there. I arrived at about 16.00 ready for the Starlings to come in at about 16.30. It was a glorious Autumn afternoon and I just stood there with my trusty Canon 17-40 f4 lens on my Canon 7D Mkii. At about 16.30 tens of thousands of Starlings came pouring in to the reedbeds, swirling around before dropping in to roost and luckily I was able to shoot some half decent video footage. While I was waiting to see if they had finished arriving I just casually looked back over my shoulder and I nearly fell over when I did because there was an amazing sunset unfolding behind me. Thankfully I was able to quickly attach a circular polarizer and a 1 stop ND grad filter to the lens and take a few shots. I crouched down and deliberately shot up through the foliage to try and get a better effect.

Moral of the story - it's in the title.