Curious Osprey in The Gambia.

10th April 2018
On one of our free days we usually had a taxi to a specific location that was recommended by Heather the owner of the Lodges we were staying at. These taxis involved a driver employed by Heather so they were honest and reliable, which is quite important, especially if you are for example a woman travelling on your own. These were mainly bird orientated destinations but with an opportunity to get some lunch and to see some local culture. One of these destinations was the Tanji Eco Lodge where you can stay in what looked like nice lodges right above the beach and also there was a nice restaurant and bar there. We wandered along what was ostensibly a deserted beach, the only thing we saw was a pair of shoes with a Cuttlefish placed beside them, both of which we presumed must have belonged to a fisherman. We walked about half a mile along the beach to a couple of lagoons where there were lots of Caspian and Royal Terns and the odd Pied Kingfisher. Perched in a distant tree we could see an Osprey eating a fish, we thought there would be one or two still around so we waited to see if one would come and fish in the lagoons. Sadly this didn’t happen and so we made our way back up off the beach and through a small boggy area and up into an open wood.
As we walked through this sparse woodland we saw a further four Ospreys all sitting in the trees. However, as we approached them they just took off and they proved too shy to get any shots. We had given up any hope of a photograph when unexplainably another Osprey, obviously a more curious bird came flying towards us and for whatever reason proceeded to hover above us giving very nice views indeed. Sometimes there’s no explaining wildlife behaviour, but we weren’t complaining! I managed to take some half decent shots before it also then flew away.

Contented, we walked back to the restaurant and enjoyed a very nice lunch indeed cooked by the two young men on duty, these young men in The Gambia really are very good cooks.
A very nice end to a morning’s birding!