Damselflies with the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary lens.

10th June 2018
During this lovely spell of weather we have been enjoying lately there has been a good showing of Damselflies on the local ponds and streams. Over the last couple of years Susan and I have become more interested in both Lepidoptera and Odonata. We have always appreciated their obvious beauty, but having now paid more attention to their life cycles and behaviour we have become a great deal more interested in them. Over the last two days we have been out walking around these local streams and ponds and we have seen a number of Damselflies but only one or two Dragonfly species, however, it’s early yet. I now carry my Sigma 150-600 contemporary lens for these outings because it’s light enough to carry and at 600mm on the long end I can stand back from these insects and capture images without disturbing them. It’s the best of both worlds, and while a large telephoto isn’t the best for depth of field, as opposed to a macro lens, I don’t have to work so hard to get images.
I really can recommend this Sigma lens for this type of work and if anyone is interested in photographing these lovely creatures you won’t go far wrong in buying this lens. Macro photographers will need a dedicated lens to get really top images of course, but for casual walk around work the Sigma does the job.
We bumped into the Dragonfly recorder for Brecon this week and he told us about a Red Eyed Damselfly that had been seen at Llangors Lake. This insect is a first for the lake and is not usually seen this far west so we were out looking yesterday morning and were very pleased to find around ten of these lovely Damselflies in addition we saw Azure, Common Blue, Large Red, Blue Tailed and Scarce Blue Tailed Damselfly.
A very good collection for a morning’s walk.

Red Eyed Damselfly

Large Red Damselflies

Common Blue Damselfly

Azure Damselflies

Azure Damselflies