Glorious weather up on the hills.

24th May 2018
It’s an absolute pleasure to be out on the hills on these wonderful spring mornings. I have been out early all through this current spell of weather and one morning I set my kit up underneath an overhanging Hawthorn tree which was right opposite a few small and importantly, eye-level bushes. I was sat on my trusty ‘Walk Stool’ with some ‘Camo’ netting strung across the Hawthorn branches waiting to see if anything would fly in and perch on the bushes opposite. Surprisingly a chilly breeze had begun to blow and I was glad of the extra fleece that I always carry in my car. I spent about an hour just watching the area where I could hear male and female Cuckoos calling and also some Yellowhammers. Yellowhammers are a very much overlooked bird, but they shouldn’t be because they are so beautiful. After a while, just as I hoped, one of the Yellowhammers perched right at the top of a dead branch and began to sing.

I happily took the photograph straight away and I sat there contented because that was all I had really hoped to get. Then suddenly out of nowhere a male Cuckoo came fluttering on to the top of a small Ash sapling opposite, he was totally unaware of me and I very slowly panned my lens around to where he was perched, you have to be so careful with these wary birds.

I quickly shot him, but as soon as he heard the shutter he was off straight away, I was just too near, it was one of those things. However, I had a few frames before he reacted and that was doubly satisfying. Superb weather and two gorgeous birds, what more could you want?