Llyn Brianne, the most viewed image.

18th September 2017
The most viewed photograph on this website is a view of Llyn Brianne reservoir in Mid-Wales. It is streets ahead of anything else and for whatever reasons I can’t imagine why. I didn’t and still don’t think it’s a particularly eye catching image, in fact I think it’s quite subdued and that’s fine because I just stopped the car when we were travelling through the area in 2007 and just took the shot. It was taken with a Canon 350D, their first digital DSLR on the market and just a wide angled kit lens, no polarizing filter etc.
Here is the image which was shot in Jpeg format.

Ten years later, (last Saturday), we drove up to that same spot, it’s in the back end of nowhere on a bleak mountain road that skirts the reservoir. However, I wanted to see what I could do with the same view, but using some thought, technique and a filter or two, because basically it has hardly changed except for the extra tree growth etc.
Here is the new image which was shot in RAW format.

It has been processed from Raw to Tiff allowing much more detail to be saved, I recommend always shooting in RAW!
I used a Hoya circular polariser to remove any reflective glare off the water and also a 3 stop (0.9) soft edged ND Graduated filter made by Hitech Format, a company here in Wales. The “ND Grad” was used because the sky was much lighter than the surrounding land. This evens out the exposure and prevents either the sky from “Blowing” or the land from being too dark. It was a lot cloudier this time and this also gave the image a more dramatic look.
Canon 1D MK 2
Canon 17-40 f4
Manfrotto 055 CX3 Tripod
Manfrotto MH XPRO three way tilt and pan head.
Canon remote cable release
Hoya Circular Polarizer
Hitech Format filter system holder
Hitech Format 0.9 (3-stop), soft edged ND Graduated filter

Here is a view of the overflow - same set-up.

A Pano of the Reservoir, (Two image stitch).