Mas's Magic in The Gambia.

11th May 2018
Driving down the track from our accommodation with ‘Mas’ (our very special bird guide), we pulled up alongside some palm trees. We had learned not to question his motives so we just strolled along with him. Then he started his bird mimicry and straight away, (he never failed to amaze us), a Pearl Spotted Owlet suddenly popped into view.

I was in the process of taking some shots when Mas shouts ‘Quick, Steve’, I looked around and a Violet Turaco was flying across the field in front of us. I managed to get a record shot as Mas exclaimed ‘You never see them in flight’.

What a stroke of luck it must have been Mas’s mimicry that attracted the birds attention, then again he says ‘Steve, turn around slowly’ and as I do so I can now see a Black Shouldered Kite in a tree behind us. (The ghost of the Savannah).

This was dreamland, one of our favourite Raptors of all time. We climbed back into the vehicle and as we were driving down the track I was thinking ‘We haven’t even reached the main road yet’. This really was top draw birding for us.