Farakunku Tree and Bird Sanctuary, The Gambia, Part 3.

13th April 2018
I was not always able to photograph all the birds we saw in the garden and sometimes you just have to be content with seeing the birds – after all that is what birdwatching is all about. We had brief views of two Violet Turacos, Rose-Ringed Parakeets and a Lizard Buzzard which flew within three feet of our heads as it snatched a lizard off the wall behind us. Having said that we had great success watching and photographing many lovely birds in the garden and on our penultimate visit we saw a flash of colour in a tree, right in the corner of the garden – unbelievably three Bearded Barbets briefly dropped onto a lower branch affording us good views before they flew away.

Other regular visitors to the water pots were Long Tailed Glossy Starlings, African Thrush and Yellow Billed Shrike, all very common birds.

At the end of the day we were treated to a real flash of colour as two beautiful birds visited the garden, first to arrive was a Senegal Parrot, which we had seen flying over on a few occasions but had only seen perched once before.

Then soon after the star turn of the afternoon came wandering along one of the paths, a Yellow Crowned Gonolek, totally unfazed by our presence.

There were also dozens of small birds such as Bronze Manikins, Blue Cheeked Cordon Bleus, Lavender Waxbills and Red Billed Fire Finches around the drinking pots.

These couple of hours in the garden rounded off nicely what were already good days, because there were no bad birding days for us in Africa. In addition we always had a superbly cooked dinner to look forward to, followed by a relaxing couple of hours on the veranda with an ice cold beer.

Below is a short Youtube video of some of the birds at the garden.