Rock Thrush, (Don't feed it meal worms!!).

23rd October 2017
I was hoping this unfortunate little bird would have flown away before now because then it would not have been subjected to the appalling behaviour of some so-called photographers. These people make me so angry, they haven't got the first clue about how to behave. As soon as it becomes apparent that a rare bird is likely to stay for some time they descend like vultures and anything goes in their quest for a photograph just to inflate their already bloated egos. When Susan and I saw the bird a week last Saturday everyone was well behaved once the bird was found. We all kept our distance and just watched this lovely bird go about its business of feeding naturally and all the sensible birders and photographers took whatever views and shots that were on offer and left contented. That's the way it should be, but no, that's not enough for these people, they want more, so in order to get closer shots they bait the areas the bird frequents until the poor thing becomes dependent on them for its food. The ground where this bird is feeding is carpeted with meal worms thrown down by these people and this behaviour is encouraging the bird to become static and dependant on a single food, thereby destroying its feeding habits and diet.
Inevitably this bird will be either predated because of its reluctance to move from being over fed or die from the parasites that some of these low quality meal worms contain. It was the same scenario with a Bluethroat and a Red Footed Falcon in recent times. I despair at the behaviour of these people, but it doesn't matter to them because when this bird is dead they will just move onto the next rare bird that comes along. I hope this lovely bird survives but I fear the only way that will happen is if it leaves......