The ‘Old War Horse’ is moving on.

18th January 2018
This week I sold my old Canon 1D Mark ii camera on ebay. This camera never let me down in over ten years of use, it was still performing flawlessly. I have only used it for landscape work for the majority and it still delivered very good quality images, but there comes a time when new technology emerges that questions why you are still clinging on to the past.
When I looked in my photography cupboard last week I could see, in addition to the above camera;
Two Leica 7 x 42 BA binoculars and a Leica 62mm APO Spotting scope with 20-60 eyepiece, all just gathering dust. I know I said I wouldn’t part with the Leica bins in a previous equipment review but I’m so impressed with my Vortex Razor binoculars that the Leica's were just going to remain there.
These items all sold really quickly on ebay for a good price - quality always sells!
These items went a long way to offsetting the cost of new equipment and this week, after much deliberation, I decided to buy a Canon 1D Mark IV, a full frame camera with a 30mp sensor, 4K Video and a 3.2” rear touch screen. I will now be using this camera for landscape work and the odd video but it can still be used for wildlife if necessary. I have been familiarizing myself with the new controls, some of which are featured on my Canon 7D II. It is a hugely impressive angle of view when looking through the viewfinder at home when using this 5D IV with my Canon 17-40 f4 lens. I am very busy this week with family commitments so I can’t wait to try the new camera out next week.

Canon 1D ii 'War Horse'

Canon 5D IV with Battery Grip

Canon 5D IV with Battery Grip

Canon 1D ii (small rear screen)
Still in great condition!

As an footnote I was very pleased to hear from the new owner of the Leica APO scope that is is going to be used in the Dominican Republic to help locate displaced and stranded wildlife affected by the recent Hurricanes.