Verreaux's Eagle Owl in The Gambia.

11th May 2018
Today we were on the track of a special bird of the forest, we had the services of a local warden who Mas, our guide, knew well. We had walked for about an hour in dense forest and seen some very nice birds on our way. However, our main quarry was the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, a huge bird found in the Gambian woodlands. We stopped at a stand of very large and obviously old trees and the guide searched these trees for about a minute and then pointed an Owl out to us. We would never have found it ourselves, you have to employ the services of these guides because they know where the bird’s favourite trees are. What impressive birds these Owls are, standing about two feet tall! They have, comically, pink eyelids which stand out from their overall grey plumage. Well worth the walk through he woods.