Woodpecker for breakfast.

23rd September 2017
Yesterday morning as I was standing in my kitchen eating a slice of toast for breakfast I looked out of the back window and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a Green Woodpecker looking back at me. We have seen them in the garden from time to time digging for ants (their favourite food), but they are very wary birds. There is a seasonal stream in my garden that starts running after heavy rain, usually in December and the banking of this little stream can be soft and this is where these Woodpeckers like to dig and probe for ants and grubs. I immediately put my toast down and got a lens out of my equipment storage cupboard, I rested it on the window sill and took a few shots, more in hope than expectation. Photographing through double glazing while trying to eat a slice of toast at the same time isn’t a recommended method for getting sharp shots. However, it was a good record of a very nice but somewhat elusive bird. There are a number of ant-hills further up this stream bed and I’ll be prepared to bet that these birds spend some time up there looking for ants. I will be keeping an eye open over the autumn to see if I’m correct.